We listened to user feedback, and have made it easier to see and control whether NextRadio is using the FM chip or streaming.

While playing a station, the now-playing bar will show the mode underneath the artist and title information.



On FM-enabled devices, we've added settings that allow you to choose whether and when NextRadio will use streaming mode.  You can find these settings in the overflow menu on the Now Playing screen, or in the main menu under Settings.


Turning on FM only mode will prevent NextRadio from playing a stream.  You will need wired headphones plugged in to act as an antenna, and you will be unable to play stations that are outside your local area. Stations that are only available via streaming will show a cloud icon. In this mode, Bluetooth output will be unavailable on most devices.  When this option is turned on, the stream only on wi-fi and prefer station stream options will be unavailable.

To limit usage of your cellular data, you can choose to only stream when connected to wi-fi.  When a wi-fi connection is not available, NextRadio will only use FM mode.  When this option is turned on, FM only mode will be unavailable.

Prefer station stream tells NextRadio to use streaming mode even if FM is available.  When this option is turned on, FM only mode will be unavailable.


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