The NextRadio Live Guide automatically updates based on your device's location to show stations broadcasting in your area.  On FM-enabled devices, NextRadio is a real FM radio, so you can tune to any frequency you like.  It works great at the gym, or the drive-in movie theater.  In general, if you can tune to a station on your car radio, you can tune to it on your phone with NextRadio.

On devices that are not FM-enabled, NextRadio can only work in Streaming Mode.  In this mode, you may not see all of the stations you expect to see.  This is because some stations don't stream, and some that do don't provide their stream to 3rd party apps like NextRadio.  

Is your device FM-enabled?  Visit our Supported Devices page to find out.

Have an FM-enabled device but don't see all the stations you expected?  If there are stations in your area that aren't listed in the Live Guide, try using the Basic Tuner, found in the menu.  If you can receive the station clearly with the Basic Tuner, contact our Support team by tapping Support in NextRadio's menu under Settings, and let them know your location and the station you're listening to.  We can make adjustments so the station will show up in the Live Guide.

It is now possible to listen to stations outside your local area using Streaming Mode, if the station provides an Internet stream.  Streaming Mode is currently only available in the United States and Mexico.

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